Club Fees $800 
The Club fee is an all-inclusive fee. It includes uniforms, gym rentals, player and coach memberships fees, equipment, coach expenses & travel, and administrative expenses.  A large percentage of our club fees cover the reliability and convenience of the Rec Plex for our practices – we think it is worth it!  $400 is due on commitment night.

Base Tournament Fees    $110 per player

6-8 local tournaments  ($100 per team per tournament)
Gateway Regionals    ($250 per team)

Major tournaments (KC Gold/silver cup, local qualifiers, travel)   would increase this price $40 – 100 per player for each tournament.  I have asked each coach to come to try-outs with a plan of what they want to do.  Parents from each team are asked for input, since it is your money we are spending!  Please discuss plans with the coach of the team you are interested in.

We would estimate total fees for club fees and tournament fees to run in the range of $900-1000 based on how many tournaments are usually chosen.  We do not require players to engage in fund-raising or donate goods or services.   The second payment of $300 is due Jan 15th and the final payment of $200-300 is due Feb 15th.